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I’m sorry for coining the phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

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Everyone’s entitled an opinion, but my opinion is that, rallying for equal rights is about as helpful as attempting to cheer someone up who ultimately just wants to be left alone. Unless we do it for an extended period of time, with increasing influence: that seems, if not prompt, generally reliable.

So, what can be done, then, on an immediate and individual level, to change income inequality?

An Enterprising Thought.

Why doesn’t there exist some kind of social media platform specific to enterprise needs? Like, a Facebook/eBay for secondhand shops. We could hire volunteers or temp-workers to upload all of their wares into a database, have another set of volunteers or temp-workers to categorize items, and another long-term employee pool that do the shipping, and another to do the customer service and returns.

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This is how I transition to a new place.

This is how I transition to a new place.

I just like BMO.

I just like BMO.

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