I Just Wanna Be Legit

Oct 7

Mike Rowe's must-read response to an Alabamian who asked why he shouldn't follow his passion - Yellowhammer News

Oct 7

When Are Women Most Likely to Be Promiscuous?

4 Social Situations No One Ever Gets Right

27 Signs You're The George Costanza Of Your Friend Group

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What all of these shows grasp at, in one way or another, is that nobody knows how to be a grown-up anymore. Adulthood as we have known it has become conceptually untenable. 

I like this writer.

College dudes worried that movement to take rape seriously is ruining their sex lives

Is this love?

Is this love?

People Still Say They “Went to College in Boston,” Meaning Harvard? Please Stop Doing This.

My wife's depression

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But Ms. Navarro’s fluctuating hours, combined with her limited resources, had also turned their lives into a chronic crisis over the clock. She rarely learned her schedule more than three days before the start of a workweek, plunging her into urgent logistical puzzles over who would watch the boy. Months after starting the job she moved out of her aunt’s home, in part because of mounting friction over the erratic schedule, which the aunt felt was also holding her family captive. Ms. Navarro’s degree was on indefinite pause because her shifting hours left her unable to commit to classes. She needed to work all she could, sometimes counting on dimes from the tip jar to make the bus fare home. If she dared ask for more stable hours, she feared, she would get fewer work hours over all.

Just one little tattoo

Each no choice meal comes with a self persecuting life lesson

like shrimp-less alfredo

because shrimp is expensive and you don’t deserve any!